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Music for Visual Media & Brands.

Bohdan Fedor

I'm Bohdan Fedor, a Music Composer. I founded to craft engaging music for visual media and assist brands in developing their unique sound identity. If you're looking for standout music for your brand or project, let's discuss how strategic sound can elevate your brand's presence.

Main Theme

A great melody, a memorable tune, one that a filmmaker would consider a main theme for a TV series

Epic Battle

Epic, powerful, grandiose, and heroic music for a film scene.


Subjective, obscure, and esoteric concepts give way to a broad, objective, and beautiful perspective in the inner world of a woman. This beauty then transforms into danger, drawing us back into the conflicted psyche of our protagonist, as she transitions from being in love to being torn, from fears to danger. Ultimately, this tension leads to a hard cut to the title card.